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I've missed seeing these types of things, these old-style flash animations with their dedicated menus and whatnot. A beacon in a sea of Pokémon and Minecraft spoofs. I quite enjoyed this.
The animation and it's style was pretty solid, the presentation was cool, the music was nice, the humor/tragedy was good, the voice-acting was maybe a bit dodgy, but it did everything it needed to.
A job well done I say.

Merol responds:

Thank you for the nice words and i'm glad you could enjoy this!
And it is a bit sad that there aren't a lot of interactive movies anymore, though it is understandable since uploading your movies in video format makes them available to a wider range of users. I just wonder how many views we're missing from the mobile browsing guys :\

Valuable social commentary on the existential properties of pants.

This is why I don't have a girlfriend.

spacefader responds:

Shit, hey I'm sorry.

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could someone explain the tanks, it says i have to collect tanks, but i dont really know what you mean
otherwise its a great game, loveit

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Too much dugdug. Needs more wubs. Make better drops, not even trying. This song is for girls and men who give massages to other men.
Also, fag.

Töff samt.

The-Cockenator responds:

haha takk smokkur and yes it might need more wubs wubs for the boners out there :O!!!

oh my gawd

This song raped my consciousness an left me drooling in awe of this sickening masterpiece, WELL DONE!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!! I'm sorry about the mind rape... I hope it wasn't too painful. Thanks!!

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Looks a bit like the concept art for the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. I remember I drew something similar to this once, but never finished it.
Lighting and overall aesthetic is pretty nice, but the perspective looks weird and it's hard to tell what and where everything is in relation to the rest. The knight characters anatomy and overall appearance could use some work.
That being said, the Souls series (Demons Souls, Dark Souls, etc.) is pretty obsess-able, and imo offers a way better game-play experience, take it from a guy who's put way more than 200 hours into both games.

MacOFlannigan responds:

Yeah, perspective and depth of field is something that I've always struggled with and is one of the things that I'm trying to improve on, but I can't afford to take classes so trial and error are my only teachers right now. As for the knight, I attribute overwhelming laziness to their funky design. In hindsight, if I had done better with subject focus it would have turned out easier on the eyes. And as for games, the Dark Souls series is one of my favorites. Miyazakis writing style is so detailed and surreal that his games remind me H.P. Lovecraft. However, I prefer a more organic approach to RPGs, something that Bethesda has down to a science. Either way, thank you for your honest critique and gamer insight!

Pretty damn fantastic. It's got a nice texture to it, well placed highlights and whatnot. It does however have a certain flatness to it. I see this with a lot of acrylic pieces. Not quite sure what it is, if it's the low contrast, or maybe something inherent in the medium or the colors used or what, but I do feel like it lacks a certain 'pop' so to speak. Maybe it's just the scan or photo and it looks better in real life. Had that problem myself, scans and photos don't transfer subtle variations in color and shade very well.

JeffLafferty responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the comments!

This cracked me up good. His wailing face at the end is like that cherry you notice you have left on your plate when you're done eating the cake and about to rinse your plate.

I blame society.

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